Hit the Golf Course for Fun and for Health

Fill your golf clubs, golf ball markers, golf divot tools, and golf bag tags and head to the greens with your associates, According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, golf ranked as the fifth most popular form of sports and physical recreation between 2009 and 2010. More than 643,000 people engaged in the popular pastime that year. Not only is golf a great sport for challenging your mind, but it also provides impressive health benefits.

How Golf Benefits Your Health

To gain health benefits playing golf, skip the golf cart. During one round of golf on an 18-hole course, players walk up to four kilometers. Walking provides a great way to build leg muscles and exercise the heart. Add in the weight of a golf bag filled with personalized golf accessories, and you gain an upper-body workout, too.

What You Need in Your Golf Bag

Golf shoes, golf clubs, and golf balls are essential to the game of golf. A golf bag provides ample storage for this equipment. You also benefit from personalized golf accessories to clear up confusion on the course. Golf bag tags and golf ball markets ensure that no one accidentally takes your equipment by mistake. A golf divot tool helps you repair any marks left on the green after your ball lands. You can even personalize your hat with golf hat clips.

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