Personalised Underwear

Personalised underwear is a fun and flirty way to deliver a message, and is worn by men and women alike. With a variety of styles and colors to choose from and unlimited customization possible, personalised underwear can be donned by anyone for any occasion, or can simply be worn as an everyday fashion statement. Not surprisingly, this versatile accessory is especially popular for both men and women as a gag gift for weddings and anniversaries, or even as a vehicle to propose marriage.

Since underwear is generally covered up, any message will naturally only be seen by a select few. This can mean that even normally reserved people have free rein to be a little risqué in selecting what message they want their skivvies to impart. The classic 'Property Of' label is a perfect example. A picture is also worth a thousand words, and luckily there is no shortage of coy images available for placement on customized underwear.

That is not to say that personalised underwear is always racy, however. Many wearers choose messages or images that show off hometown or team pride, or that reference inside jokes. The beauty of personalized underwear is that it is designed to reflect the personality of the wearer, and does not need to follow any set rules. 

Personalised underwear is also affordable on any budget. Though prices vary, it generally costs between $20 and $50, keeping it well within standard gift range while still costing less than most traditional lingerie. Perhaps best of all, buyers can rest comfortably in the knowledge that no one else will own an identical pair. Whether used to communicate with one special person or as a cheeky way to make a point, personalised underwear is a sweet and affordable way to get a message across.