Show Your FIFA Colors

The Federation Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) World Cup is the biggest single-event sporting competition in the world. What starts as thirty-two teams from every corner of the planet will culminate with a true world champion soccer team.

Over three million fans will attend matches and millions more will be watching matches from their homes and restaurants. Thousands will pack hometown stadiums to stand together to watch big screen televisions and cheer their team to victory.

Nothing in the world compares to the fierce loyalty fans feel for their teams an countries. 

Fans around the world can display their loyalty to their team, and the passion they have for the sport of soccer with fashionable, classically designed products from Ties 'n' Cuffs.

Proudly display the colors and flags of your favorite team with colorful lapel pins. They are available to display the flag of any country and come in several styles and shapes. Also available to add a little class to your neck ware are tie bars in both silver and gold.

To add a final touch of class to your attire, show support for any country with classic cuff links. With cuff links you will have several options. Cuff links come in square and round with your choice of silver, gold, or gunmetal. Some choices include pairs with a flag and a soccer ball, a flag and a world cup trophy, or multiple flags. Finally, to complete your attire, oval and rectangle belt buckles will make a bold statement about your team.

Scarves and beanies are also available with country names and flags to keep you warm while watching your favorite team. All listed products are "completely customisable" to personalize any choice. Not only will you be wearing a high quality product, you will be supporting your FIFA World Cup team in style.