3 worst ties ever.

Somehow ties have become the traditional gift for men for Father’s Day and even a few other minor holidays. But the big problems lies not with the fact that all men do not wear ties, but in the appearance of the ties themselves. A nice tie is a great finishing touch to a dressy ensemble, but if someone close to you gives you a tie that is really unappealing to look at then you are in trouble.

The three worst ties to get or somehow end up with include Holiday themed ties. There is nothing worse than a Santa Clause or snowman hanging like a noose around your neck of cheerless Christmas. Red and green should never be comingled together and especially not on an accessory. Santa and elves and such are meant for paper items only and should be banned from everything else. Christmas seems to come earlier and earlier each year along with the other Holidays and their presence during regular seasons is even more annoying and stressful than during the scheduled time they should be made prominent. A case could be made for any ties having to do with Valentine’s Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Easter. Just because it is a Holiday from work does not mean that it is a holiday for the man that has to wear its’ representation around his neck for many hours.

The next biggest offender is paisley printed ties. The pattern in a paisley print looks like bugs or some other disgusting life form that you would never want to see in your backyard let alone on something that you have to wear for long durations of time. Work and other instances where you have to wear a tie are usually uncomfortable situations and ugly pieces of neckwear do not help at all. Plus, it seem that anytime paisley is printed on a tie it is done in the most hideous of colors, as if better colors are just not available or repelled by the pattern.

When it comes to patterns, the worst of the worst has got to be the abstract ones that are terribly busy and make no sense. We have all seen those ties and they make our eyes hurt trying to make rhyme or reason of the most random splotches and squiggles that use contrasting colors to their very disadvantage. Perhaps the designer of these feels that they are “artfully” done and they should not have to explain their “art” but they should be prohibited from touching any material that someone else might have to wear.