Ties n Cuffs underwear and discounts

Ties and Cuffs offers a broad range of underwear, trunks, boxer shorts and briefs online to its fast growing consumer base. The biggest advantage is the competitive pricing especially on the range of Bonds mens underwear’s on offer. Some of the top brands of underwear at the online portal include; Oroton underwear, Snatch underwear, Franky Dandy, Jockey and Sly underwear’s. Aside from the brand; there is also a very wide range of underwear styles and design to choose from; the sizes range from small and medium size to XX-large size. All the basic colors are available from the popular blue and red to navy and beige. The underwear’s are also competitively priced from a low of $15 to $35 AUD.

Some of the most outstanding Snatch and Oroton brand of underwear’s include; Snatch Demon Samurai, Snatch Demon Xplicit, Linear White Oroton trunk with fine black stripes and the White Oroton Equator briefs. The Snatch Demon Xplicit brand of underwear comes in two faces, the white front and black back design and the strawberry strewn style with imprints of greedy mouths. This underwear’s are made in France in conjunction with XPLICIT energy drink. Snatch Demon Xplicit retails at $33.00 AUD. The colorful Snatch Demon Samurai underwear features an imprint of a chaotic warzone with an alluring background. Snatch Demon Samurai retails at a price of $33.00 AUD. 

The white Oroton Linear Trunk with fine black stripe is veritably an instant classic. The underwear features soft cotton, contrasting vertical black stripes and an elastane component that is designed to provide function and support. The other pertinent features include a waistband and vertical stripes as well as a double layer pouch design to provide comfort. The range of sizes available start from small to size XL. The Oroton Equator white briefs, comes in a beautifully fitting shape. The underwear features an added touch of invisible nylon waistband that makes it look like a modern classic. There is also a continuous Oroton logo imprint as well as a double pouch design for increased comfort. These two underwear’s retail at a discount price of $15.00 AUD.