Our underwear offers

Ties n Cuffs offers a wide range of inner wears for both men and women at great discounts. These underwear’s are generally designed to provide comfort and style. Some of the most outstanding Jockey and Sly brands of underwear’s include; SLY-Zebra Workhard Short Legs Trunk, Sly-Cop Workhard Short Leg Trunk, Jockey Active Sport Midway Trunks and the Jockey Active Cool Midway Trunk. SLY-Zebra Work hard Short Leg Trunk is great to wear to the office, gym and university. This boxer brief is designed for wearing during the working session of the day. The trunks are engineered to prevent leg riding; some of the other features include a light fabric and a stylish waist bands that is designed to ensure elasticity and comfort. The Sly-Cop Workhard Short Leg Trunk is also targeted at the working section of the day; the trunk can be worn in the office, university or gym. The trunks feature a light fabric that is stretchable to provide comfort. 

Both the Sly Cop Short Leg Trunk and the SLY Zebra Workhard Short Legs Trunk are available for $20.00 AUD. The well-fitting Jockey Active Sport Midway Trunks are made to provide freedom of movement as well as functionality. The trunks features minimal seaming designed to minimize irritation. The other outstanding features include; a Coolmax for eliminating sweat, breathable mesh panel’s, soft backed waistband and a unique gusset design that is provides extra support for everyday comfort and wear. This trunk costs $35.00 AUD. The mens long Jockey Active Cool Midway underwear is designed for a perfect fit. The underwear features a Heatsil label, double front cover, breathable mesh panel as well as a Coolmax to keep away moisture. The Jockey Active Cool Midway underwear retails for $32.00 AUD.