5 Different Uses of Lapel Pins

Custom lapel pins have become widely popular not just for fashion enthusiasts, but also for companies and organizations. Many start to recognize them as something worth investing for, and we can't blame them. Lapel pins are attractive, are easy to wear, and are very customisable. Despite their small sizes, pins can easily be recognized by people, and are very durable. It is safe to say that these accessories will last for a very long time; that is why many opt to customise their own pins.


Here are some of the ways lapel pins are used, aside from serving as mere accessories to an outfit.


1. Used as corporate identity

Businesses and companies always look for marketing strategies to improve their brand awareness. It is important for them to constantly showcase their brand, promote their business, and capture people's attention. However, these marketing strategies can also take a toll on a company's budget. This is why custom lapel pins come in handy for many businesses. Pins can easily showcase the brand, capture people's attention, without blowing one's budget. When employees constantly wear company pins, customers and clients can easily spot and recognize the brand, thereby effectively building the brand's image to the public. Giving away these company pins to clients is also a great way to promote and advertise any business.



2. Used to recognize levels of achievement

One of the keys to successfully run a company or business is to take care of the employees. Service lapel pins can also help businesses acknowledge and appreciate their employees' hardwork, outstanding perfomances, and dedication over the years. Rewarding the employees will certainly boost their confidence, and build loyalty for the company.



3. Used to indicate membership or support to an organization

Custom lapel pins are favorably used by charities and organizations to signify a sense of belonging and show support. These pins can be worn to proudly show membership to a team or group, or can be distributed to the attendees, volunteers, and supporters of a certain event. Either way, they are effective in drawing people's attention and showing unity, pride and commitment.


4. Used as presents


Pins are perfect for every occasion, like birthdays, anniversaries, graduation parties, thanksgiving, valentines, and Christmas. People have come to invest in personalised and customised items to give to their loved ones as these items are more thoughtful and are a sure-hit. Simple custom pins with a note that says "I love you" or "Thank you" with the person's name on it, for example, is a surefire way to show love to friends and family. Or creating a pin in a form of a baseball for your son who's in the sports team will certainly show more support that will leave your son feeling extra appreciated and loved.

5. Used as collectibles and trade

Pin trading, which started a few centuries back, is still being practiced by many people up to this day. It is a form of hobby where people collect pins and have them traded during an organized pin-trading meet up. People find it fun and amusing to exchange pins with unique designs and forms that would showcase their personality, style, and interests. Also, participating in these pin-trading meetups is a fun way to meet new people.



Indeed, there are significant reasons why custom lapel pins have become in-demand nowadays. If you find yourself wanting to have your own custom pin,TiesnCuffs can certainly help you achieve the design and concept you have in mind. Just hit us up and we'll work with you to create awesome custom lapel pins for any purpose!