A Short Guide For Men On How To Accessorise

All women know that the best way to make any outfit look its best is to accessorise. This works for a man's wardrobe also. But a lot of men think that if they talk about such stuff they will be considered being to girly. This could not be further from the truth. There was a time that men knew that adding accessories was always a way to add just the right flair to their clothes. This time is coming back. This is a guide will show you the best things for men to accessorise with. 

Tieing A Tie

Do you have a lot of ties in your closet? Are you starting to look boring wearing the same old tie with the same old suit? Well there are ways that you can make that tie look new and add a real nice touch to that shirt. This can be done by simply tying the tie in a different way then the old standard knot. For example you can tie it into a Windsor. Learning new knots for your ties can add just enough of a touch onto your tie to make it all look new. 

Pocket Squares A Great Accessory

Personalised Ties

 Before someone came up with those little travel size tissues that everyone carries these days, there was the pocket squares. Men carried them to wipe their sweat and to also blow their noses of course. The thing is these pocket squares also make great accessories. They really add the perfect touch to a blazer. You can do the one fold look for the business attire or you can puff it out a little for the relaxed look. And remember gentlemen these are always nice when you see a beautiful woman crying, you can pull out the pocket square and hand it to her. 


Cufflinks can be one of the best accessories that you can add to your outfit. Do not go with something like silver or gold. Go with something more modern and you will look like you are in style. You can guarantee women will notice what kind of cufflinks you are wearing.


When it is real cold a lot of men will just wear a bigger jacket. Do not do this. Instead find a great quality scarf. Figure out a few different kinds of knots and wrap it around your neck. The scarf can add a lot of flair to your jacket and fight the cold better also. There are some that say that wearing a scarf will make you look too European or uppity but this is so not true. Wearing a scarf is really in style these days and will make you look good even with a jacket on. You can also wear a light scarf when you are just wearing a sweater or a blazer and look just as good. 


When you are a businessman you always want to impress the people that you meet. Some people think that if they have a real nice car then this will impress everyone. But think about it, how often anyone sees your car. You can also wear really nice suits. They may think you look nice but it will not leave that lasting impression that you are looking for. What you need to buy is an impressive briefcase. It is the perfect way to impress without offending anyone. Try a nice leather briefcase or a fine grain leather case. These will have plenty of room for everything that you need to carry and people will remember a nice briefcase longer after they have meant you. Final Point As you can see all of these tips that we have given you are easy things to do. It does not have to be difficult to achieve that perfect look. You can do something as simple as changing the knot on that tie, or wearing a pocket square can be the perfect accessory. It does not matter if you are dressing for business or a night out does not have to be about spending a lot of money. It’s not how much it cost but how you wear it. Image Sources: (1) (2) (3)