Wedding Fashion Tips for Men

Wedding gifts men Weddings are a multimillion dollar industry. Men and women are falling in love all over the world and setting the dates. Weddings unlike other holidays happen any day of any month throughout the year. What’s more is the guest list can top well over the hundreds. For those of us that are blessed with an invitation we are now faced with the important task of finding the right outfit for the occasion. For guests who are also relatives of the bride and groom they can turn to them for advice on their outfit. For example if it is your sister who is getting married she will be more than delighted to tell you what looks best on you. After all she doesn’t want you going to her wedding looking bad. She will also appreciate the fact that you came to her, it will show that you value her opinion and care about her day. It is important that if you are going to seek their advice you ask well in advance so as not to interfere with the wedding itself. It is important for every wedding guest to know that this is the bride and groom’s special day. This day is not about you. You are not dressing for your wedding, if what you are seeking is advice on how to dress for your day this in not the article for you. This article is for those men out there who are not getting married and are not currently dating anyone. Once again remember this is NOT your day. This day will center on the bride, yes the groom will hold a few special moments but weddings have always now and always will be about the bride. Now that we have established what this day is all about it is safe to move on. While attending a wedding you want to look respectable and fashionable while at the same time not taking focus away from the bride. Now we all love to express ourselves, add that little touch of flair to show our own style. A wedding is not the place to do this. So show respect and keep the quirky outfits in the closet and go for the more conservative look. Wedding Outfits For Men Ok we are now ready to discuss the perfect outfit for any wedding. It is very simple and very easy to put together. Black pants and a nice shirt. That’s it; yes it really is that simple. Now simple isn’t necessarily bad and there are ways to expand on your outfit.Wedding Outfits For Men Advice On Wedding Pants When selecting a pair of dress pants black is the best option. You can’t go wrong with black because it matches everything from shirt colors, skin tones; even hair color is not an issue with black pants. However not just any pair of black pants will do, they must be dress pants; black cargo pants are not fashionable or appropriate for a wedding. After choosing the design of your pants you must now choose the proper fit. Wearing a nice pair of dress pants that do not fit properly is just as bad as wearing a pair of cargo pants. The bottom of the pant should rest on the shoe and not drag on the floor. The waist of your pants should be worn on the waist, sagging is very unattractive.Wedding Pants Wedding Shirts Let us now discuss the shirt. Adding some color to your outfit is a great idea for any wedding. Choosing the right color can be slightly more difficult. Black shirts are definitely out. Wearing black and black is not the impression you want to give off, this is a wedding, not a funeral. Bold and bright colors are a great choice but be careful not to go so bold and bright that your shirt starts screaming “look at me”. Wearing The Right Colours At Your Wedding We will now discuss some of the safe colors to wear to a wedding. Wearing colors in the purple family is a safe bet, a deep purple or lavender will look very nice. Silver is a good choice as well as green, however when wearing green the shade is important. You do not want to pick a green that that reminds people of being sick. Blue is by far one of the best colors to wear and is definitely a safe choice. It doesn’t matter what time of year it is or where the wedding is located you should not wear a short sleeve shirt and your shirt should be tucked in. Make sure that your shirt buttons are fastened, if you are wearing a tie your top button should be clasped as well. If you choose not to wear a tie it is perfectly acceptable to leave your top button gifts If you want to go a little further with your outfit and wear a suit that will make you look even better and give you that masculine feeling you love so much. If you choose to go with a black suit you can follow all the same shirt ideas listed above. On the other hand if you choose to wear a colored suit you need to avoid wearing brown and grey. The difficulty with wearing a colored suit is that you are faced with a difficult choice in shirt color. In this case wearing a black shirt is acceptable as well as a light blue. Adding a tie will complete your suit nicely as long as you avoid those tacky patterns. You should purchase your tie and shirt together to make sure that they match. Even after the ceremony you want to look respectable, if you want to take your tie off make sure you take it all the way off. Leaving it hang around your neck is very tacky. Belts, Socks, and Shoes For Weddings To complete any outfit you must of course add a belt, socks and shoes. Black is your go to color here as well. A black leather belt with a silver clasp will go perfectly with your black leather shoes. Keeping with the respectable appearance you need to make sure that your shoes are free of scuffs and scratches. Use a little elbow grease and if need be a little polish; this will fix you up nicely. Socks are simple, buy a pair of dress socks that match your suit, make sure they are long enough to cover your legs when you sit down. Your outfit is all set; now all that remains is taking care of yourself. Make sure that you have a proper haircut and that it is styled nicely for the occasion. Once again having your own unique style is great but a wedding is not the place for showing off that messy look you are so fond of. You should also have a clean shaved look or at the very least make sure that your facial hair is neatly trimmed. You have everything you need now to impress your loved ones and look great doing so. Remember your manners and have fun, after all it’s a day of celebration! Image Sources (1) (2) (3) (4)