Big and Tall Men’s Fashion Tips: Creating a Sexy Look

Men’s Fashion 


Big and tall men can have excellent sex appeal it only takes a little bit of effort on their part. Let’s begin by taking a look in the mirror so to speak and go over some basic truths that need to be addressed before you go buy that outfit that will turn any woman’s head.



Body Shape of Big and Tall men


Tall men have always had an advantage; height is very attractive to women. Most women seek strength in their men and height provides that illusion. Wearing the right clothing will keep that image of strength without intimidating someone. When shopping for clothing as a tall man it is important to buy clothes that do not add to your height. An example of this is wearing black. Black is a very slimming color and will in a sense make you look taller. The proper use of color with just a hint of black will balance out your height and keep you looking sexy.


ties and cufflinks 


Being overweight does not make you unattractive to women; however the first step is to acknowledge that you are overweight. Nothing will turn women away faster than a man with his gut hanging out. Upon accepting this fact there are many ways to dress to impress. It is common for men to banter with each other about their large muscles and broad shoulders; however many women actually prefer men with smaller muscles and more stature. How you present yourself is very important. Stand in front of a mirror and look at your posture, how you stand will show you how others see you. Many men pick up habits over the course of their life time like slouching; this is a very unattractive look to women. For men with over-sized shoulders this can be camouflaged with the proper outfit. Now look at your legs. Notice how long your legs are? Are they thin and stick like or are they proportionate to your body? The length of your legs can also be disguised by wearing the proper clothing.



What To Wear and Buy


We have now taken an honest look at body shape, with this information in mind you are now ready to go shopping for the right cloths to give you the sex appeal you are looking for. Let’s start first with shirt type. Wearing cotton shirts is never a bad choice, yet this look can be made even better by substituting that cotton shirt with a polo shirt. When choosing the color of your shirt you want to stay away from the pastels but you also want to choose colors that are lighter than your blacks and navies. Men with a tan are a definite sex appeal and wearing the proper shirt can show this off. Wearing T-shirts as a plus sized man creates a target. Wearing shirts with proper lines will created the illusion of less weight.





When shopping for pants or slacks the length and cut of the pant are very important. For tall men you should first evaluate where your height comes from, meaning is your height from a long torso or from long legs. If your height is from your torso then to hide this you should buy pants that are matched for a short jacket. Keep your jackets to colors that are simple and classy. Slacks in the dark gray shades are an excellent choice for men with skinny legs. These colors will make your legs look bigger and keep balance with your waist line. Elastic is a definite turn off, buying pants that fit properly with the elastic in the back is a solution to this problem and will not have the pants pulling at the waist line making them look as if they do not fit. Tight jeans have recently come back into style however they are only suitable for those of you who have the right body type. Tight jeans are a no no for big and tall men. The important thing to remember when buying pants is to look for traditional colors in a strait or boot cut.


pans and polo shirt





Adding a jacket to an outfit can compliment it perfectly or completely ruin the outfit. The length of your torso is important when choosing a jacket. If you have a longer torso you should choose a jacket that is short and nicely cut this will make your legs look longer. On the other side if you are long legged then you should choose a jacket that is also longer, giving the illusion that your legs are shorter. The color of your jacket should be darker than your pants; however as with the pants you should stick to the more classic colors. 


Personalised underwear




Now you have your outfit to impress on the outside. It is now time to pick out that sexy pair of underwear to go with it. Finding the perfect pair of underwear can be done with a few bucks and a few pointers. Boxers are common but they are also the lazy choice. Boxers do not enhance your look. You want to wear underwear that is suited for your body. For men who are overweight boxers will only add to that look making you appear larger. In this case you would be better off buying the tighter fitting underwear to complete your look and make you that much sexier. Your outfit is now complete; all that is left is the few finishing touches. You want to make sure that your hair is nice, that you are clean and smelling good. Women are suckers for a smile, a warm sincere smile will go a long way and will help you to overcome any doubts or hurdles you have when meeting women. A true smile is seen in your eyes, give that woman a true heartfelt smile together with your perfect wardrobe and you are on the road to becoming that sexy man every woman swoons over Photo Sources (1) (2) (3) (4)