How To Tie A Scarf

scarf Adding a scarf to your winter wardrobe this year will add just the style you are looking for this season.  A scarf is used to help keep you warm in winter; it works by covering and protecting the neck from cold air.  There are four basic knots to use when tying a scarf that will help you to complete your look.  Once you have mastered the art of tying scarves you can trade in your old parka for the more designer jackets you’ve been wanting. 

We will describe to you how to tie each knot and what styles compliment each jacket type.

How To Tie A Parisian Knot (Scarf)  

The first knot we will discuss is the Parisian Knot.  The Parisian knot is very versatile, as well as being the most universal it is vastly popular.  When tying a Parisian knot you first want to take the scarf in both hands and fold it over lengthwise.  After the scarf has been folded place it around your neck so that the loop of the scarf is on one shoulder and the ends are resting on the other shoulder.  Once the scarf is around your neck take the loose ends and insert them through the loop hanging on the opposite shoulder and pull them through.  Depending on your own comfort level you can adjust the thickness of the scarf’s fold and/or how tight your scarf will be around your neck.  This knot looks best with jackets with notch collars that are left down.  The jackets style should also be short, like a short leather jacket for example.  On especially cold days the scarf can be tucked into the jacket with the zipper pulled all the way up to provide extra warmth.

How To Tie The Once-Around Knot (Scarf)

The second knot is called the Once-Around Knot.  The once-around knot is the most basic of knots used when wearing a scarf.  It is very simple and used primarily when you need that little extra warmth.  Most men use this look to compliment a blazer.  The main focus of this knot is casual.  When tying a knot with the once-around knot there is no need to fold it as before.  Take the scarf in both hands and drape it over your neck.  One end of the scarf should be longer than the other.  Take the longer end of the scarf and bring it around your neck so that it lies on your chest.  If you have a longer neck it may be necessary to overlap the scarf in the back slightly so that your neck is completely covered.

How To Tie The Loose Once-Around Knot (Scarf)

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The next knot we will discuss is similar to the once-around knot however it makes more of a fashion statement.  This knot is called the Loose once-around Knot.  When wearing a scarf with the loose once-around knot you can compliment it with jackets such as the duffle coat or any other hooded coat.  This knot gives the wearer an adventurous look.  Tying a loose once-around knot follows the same rules as the standard once-around knot.  Take the scarf in both hands an drape it over your neck.  Leave one end longer than the other, and place it over so that it rests upon the chest.  The look is “topped off” by making the knot look as if it were done in a hurry.

How To Wear The Twice-Around Knot (Scarf) Tie Match 

The Twice-around Knot is the closet style to rival the Parisian as the must have knot on a cold day.  Many who enjoy the Parisian knot will turn to the twice-around knot as a way of changing up their look and still keeping warm.  One of the added perks to the twice-around knot is that your jacket can have a smaller collar as this knot does take up a lot of room.  To tie a twice-around knot take your tie in both hands and drape it over your neck making sure that one side is longer than the other.  Take the longer end of the scarf and circle it around your neck twice.  Make sure that the knot is not too tight around your neck as to avoid discomfort.  Making sure at this point that both ends of your tie match in length will take some practice, however using this knot will keep you very warm on a cold day.  This knot goes well with a shorter length jacket and the tie can be easily tucked into the jacket for added warmth. Wearing a scarf will expand any mans wardrobe, the decision of whether to wear what you want or to suffer the cold is no longer an issue.  Employing the use of a scarf with these fashionable ties will give you that sense of style you’ve been looking for and keep you warm in those cold winter days. Photo Sources (1)