A Fashion Guide For Short Heavy Men

short heavy men Every guy wants to look their best no matter how short, how tall or if they are heavy or thin. A man who is short and a little heavy may have a hard time figuring out what to wear to make them look their best. Women seem to have all the help they need. There are countless magazines out there to give them more then enough fashion tips but there are next to none for men. Because of this men have to figure out a lot on their own. And if they are not of average height or weight this makes it even harder for them. In this article we are going to try and help the man that is not so average. We are going to give the short heavy a fashion guide to help them dress to give themselves confidence that they look their best. Basic Fashion Guidelines for Shor Heavy Men It is a myth that every man who is not “average” in height wants to make themselves appear taller or thinner. But there are guys who would like to make themselves look their best and if it also makes them look a little taller or thinner in the process then that is even better. Try these few tips to get the most from your clothes:
  • This is a tip that a lot of women have been using for years. It is a real easy trick. It will work great for a man who is short and heavy also. Wear dark clothes that match. Dark clothing tends to make you look thinner and taller. So wear something like black trousers and a dark shirt. Lean toward colors like black, charcoal and navy or maybe even a deep brown. If you want to add color you can do so with a pocket square or a colored hat.
  • Never wear any piece of clothing that has horizontal stripes. This will only bring out your heaviness and show how short you are. Wear things with vertical stripes. Pinstripes will look good, skinny stripes and maybe a row of buttons.
  • One great tip to use to make a short heavy man look taller and thinner is by wearing custom suits. When you have a suit made it will fit you perfectly. Every man should invest in at least one custom suit. A tailored suit is made from your exact measurements. So instead of going out and buying three cheaper suits invest in one custom made suit and you will be happy that you did.
  • This next tip is an important one. This is a tip that women have caught on to for a long time. But men still do not seem to get it. Wear your clothes to fit you. Guys have got this illusion in their heads that if they wear their clothes bigger then it will take away from the fact that they are a little heavy or short. But actually, guys, it will only bring attention to this fact. Of course your clothes should not be too tight either. Comfortable is how they should be. Comfortable without being to tight or to lose will make you look your best.
  • The next tip on our fashion guide for short heave men is to wear your trousers so they go past your ankles. This will give the illusion that you are taller then what you are. Another tip is if you match the shoe color with your trousers color you will look taller.
Smart Shopping Ask a room full of men how many of them like shopping and you may get a hand or two. Men do not like to shop. But when it comes to their clothes they need to. It is a must. A man needs to go themselves to buy clothes so they can buy clothes that fit them well. It may be a process of trial and error but you will find the right kind of clothes that will help you to achieve the right look you want; If you need to consult an expert or talk to a tailor for advice. Any man can look his best all it takes is wearing the right colors, the right clothes and the willingness to try. Photo Source: (1)