The Various Types Of Men's Dress Shoes

Shoes When it comes to dress shoes it is a matter of preference in what shoe you prefer wearing. There are a lot of different styles and colors of dress shoes. What you need to remember is not every shoe is right to anywhere you choose. There are certain dress shoes that are better to wear to work, some are better for formal wear and some are meant for going out on the town. The sleeker the shoe is then it is considered more formal. Black is also more formal then say brown. Lace up dress shoes is more formal then slip-ons.  The more rows or patterns on a shoe take away from it being a formal shoe. So you can see not one dress shoe can do it all. There may be a need in your life to have more then one pair of dress shoes according to where you need to wear them at.

The Oxford Dress Shoe

Oxford Dress Shoe Let us talk about the Oxford dress shoe. This is the most popular dress shoe there is. It is also the shoe that people will think have when you say dress shoes. The Oxford has a rounded toe; And has closed lacing.  These are most worn for bus' shoes bit also can handle formal. These should be bought in black. If you only own one pair of dress shoes then they should be Oxford. You will be able to have more of a choice on where to where these shoes. They also will go with more materials of suits then a lot of dress shoes will.

The Wingtip Dress Shoe

Wingtip Dress Shoe Next is the wing-tip dress shoe. This shoe comes to a point at the top curving back and down along the sides. This shoe is a business shoe if you own them in black and more casual if you buy them in brown. A lot of people will say the wing-tip dress shoe is from the 80's. These shoes should not be worn on a regular basis. Once or a twice a week is alright but if you wear them more then that people will notice.  You will soon be known as the man who wears the wing-tip shoes.

The Derby and Blucher Dress Shoes

Derby and Blucher Dress Shoes Then we have the Derby dress shoe. It looks like the Oxford but it has open lacing. You can wear them with a suit but also can get away with wearing them with a blazer and khakis. The Blucher is another kind of open-laced shoes. These can be plain or have brogue cap. These shoes will look formal with a suit. If you buy then in suede then you can even wear them with jeans.

Dress Boots

There are also dress boots that are great for winter time. These can be slipped on. They offer a lot of comfort. These are considered in the cowboy boot family. This means you cannot get away with wearing these for formal wear. They are great for traveling and casual wear though.

The Loafer and Monk strap Slip-on Dress Shoes

Monk strap Slip-on Dress Shoes The next dress shoes we will talk about our slip-on dress shoes. These are considered to be a casual dress show. They can be worn for business also. The loafer that has a metal link across the middle can be worn to the office. The Monk strap dress shoe has a buckle enclosure is a business shoe. Tassel loafers are worn for business but also can be worn for casual.

The White Buck Dress Shoe

The white bucks dress shoes are Oxfords. They say they are white but they are not. They go great with the seersucker suit. These also go with summer fabrics. They are for summer wear only.

Black Tie Dress Shoes

When it comes to a black tie event then you need a real formal shoe. The patent leather Oxfords fits the bill to a tee. They are the shoe that must be worn to meet the classic dress code for a black tie event.  These shoes would look out of place worn anywhere else. There are also black slippers with a bow on top that can be worn to a black tie event but the patent leather Oxfords are more standard. Photo Sources: (1) (2) (3) (4)