How To Effectively Wear Men's Suspenders (Bracers)

suspenders Most men in the world today wear a belt. It is common to see a belt on the waist of any man at any age. But at one time this was not so common. In fact before the First World War they were seen a decorative item. At this time is common for men to wear suspenders to hold their trousers up. Suspenders, which are also called braces in some countries, are over your shoulder and are clipped or button to the trousers waistband. The back of these suspenders are either Y shaped or X shaped. But there are places that sell two separate individual suspenders. These suspenders are made out of different materials. They can be made with pure silk, synthetic rayon and even a woolen box cloth. The suspenders are made of elastic so they can stretch over your shoulders.

Suspenders And Their Advantages

  • Suspenders offer a waist shaped hanger that trousers rest on therefore eliminating the bunching of fabric when you are wearing a belt. This also allows the fabric to lay flat instead of looking like you have balloons under your waistband.
  • Suspenders are more comfortable to wear then a belt is. Because suspenders can be tightened or loosened you can get it to a comfortable feel.
  • Trousers can be worn higher with suspenders instead of putting the belt under the stomach. This is great for the heavier man. They will not have the belt cutting into their stomach.
  • Suspenders work with any outfit from formal to business to casual. They will make your trousers look neat. Suspenders will not affect the natural crease or pleat in the trousers.
  • Suspenders will also keep your trouser buttons aligned with the shirt buttons on your shirt.

How to Wear Suspenders

Now the question: How do you wear suspenders? They are easy to put on. You will fasten the suspenders in the back first then out the trousers on. Pull the suspenders over your shoulders and fasten them to the front of your trousers. It is that easy. There are two different kinds of suspenders. There are the most common clasps. Then there are the button suspenders. Though the button suspenders are safer for the trousers durability they also can be worn on trousers that are made for suspenders. Most trousers come with belt loops so you have the choice to wear either the belt or the suspenders but never ever wear both suspenders and a belt. This is a major no, no. There was a time that suspenders were considered a under garment and could not be visible. But we have come a long way since then and it’s perfectly fine to show your suspenders. Just be careful of trying outlandish colors of suspenders because you may quickly give the wrong impression. When it comes to a black tie event suspenders are always worn and a belt is not acceptable. These suspenders should not be seen under your dinner jacket.

Disadvantages of Suspenders

As in a lot of items there are also some disadvantages to wearing suspenders. They are not as useful as a belt. They can come undone if they get caught on something. This can damage the suspenders or the trousers. When the suspenders become too old they will become useless. You may have to buy these more often then you would have to a belt. A belt will probably last longer then a pair of suspenders. A belt can hold your cell phone and so on where suspenders cannot. Some people feel they cannot express themselves with suspenders as they can a belt because suspenders are usually hidden. We recommend suspenders because they are by far the most comfortable and they will hold your trousers in place more neatly. It really is a personal preference to which you wear. Suspenders and belts have both been around for a long time and are both here to stay. So you can make your own choice and still be in fashion. Or why choose buy both of them and switch back and forth and decide for yourself which is better.