Learn How To Dress Preppy

preppy dress Preppy is a style that is always “in”.  It is a classic style that has been around for ever and chances are great that it is here to stay. Knowing the right way to dress preppy can be a way to being variety into your wardrobe.

The Preppy Look

There are a lot of people who think that being preppy is a life style and that only the privileged dress that way. Yes, it is the way that a lot of the upper class dress but it is not like there is a rule that only the rich can dress like prep. If you think about the clothes that are considered part of the preppy style you will see they are classic pieces that have been around a lot longer then the “preppy” style has been. These are pieces like khaki pants and polo shirts and even the blazers.preppy scarfs These are all pieces that men probably already own. They are in their closets as we speak. You probably already have the makings of a preppy outfit and did not even know it. Preppy is not about the clothes but how you wear them. When someone is dressed in a preppy style they make people take a second look but it’s not because they are wearing something spectacular but it is because it is a clean and polished look. It makes people take a double glance. If you want this look it is not really hard. You just need a few essential pieces to get started.

How to Dressy Preppy

In the eighties the preppy look was real popular and any guy would have looked at this guide and been all over it. They would have taken it heart.  Men today dress preppy more then they realize. They take the classics and mix then with today's clothes and have came up with a new modern preppy style. If you want to dress preppy here are some essential items that you must have.
  • The preppy outfit must include polo shirts. These should be colorful shirts.
  • What preppy outfit is complete without sweaters? These need to be sweaters that fit your frame well. Do not wear sweaters that are way to big.
  • A long with polo shirts you need button down shirts. These must also fit well and be colorful.
  • You need at least one pair of chinos. These can be worn anywhere.
  • Jeans are also important. Even the preppy look involves wearing jeans on occasion. Slim, straight cut jeans are the kind that you need. If you fold the cuff up it will make them look even more preppy.
  • You will also need a great fitting blazer. A crest on it is an added touch but not necessary.
  • You will need either chinos shorts, cargos shorts or pleated shorts. Or even all three. These can work for a casual preppy look or even for dressing up a little.
  • When it comes to jackets try a windbreaker for cool days and pullovers for colder days. Again just make sure they fit well.
  • For those really cold days then wear a tweed coat or even a pea coat. Add a scarf and you have just pulled off the perfect preppy look.

A Few More Style Tips

There are a few more little things to make your preppy look complete. These are:
  • Tuck a colorful handkerchief into your sport coat's pocket.
  • Wrap a cable knit sweater over your polo shirt's shoulders.
  • Popping up the collar of your polo shirt.
  • Wear a lot of reds, whites and blues.
  • Wear a lot of madras and other plaid prints.
  • Try wearing a variety of seersucker jackets, shorts and pants.
  • In the warmer months wear a bucket hat.
  • Wearing no socks try wearing a pair of slip-on boat shoes or espadrilles.
Try all of these tips that we have given you in this guide and you will achieve the dressy look. You may find that you already have the essential items in your wardrobe. Just put them together and you will have the preppy look down pat.