Men's Fashion During The 1960's

60s fashion Men's fashion in the 1960's was one of style and progress. It was a style that was elegant and polished. Though this style has changed a lot since those days there are still parts of that style alive today. Before the 1960's the fashion look though sharp was simpler. When the 1960's came fashion styles started to change. We all know that the sixties had a lot going on from Kennedy's assassination to the British Invasion but it also brought a big change to men's fashion. Men's Fashion of the 60's It is not for no reason that the '60s pop out as one of the most popular eras of men's fashion.  The changes were so defined that it was hard not to notice. This new style of fashion had more energy and more bold then fashion had ever been. Of course the early years of the 1960's were influenced by Italian designers. These designers refined the styles. 60s styles

British Invasion and Men's Fashion

There were a lot of defining movements in the sixties. Think about it, this was the period of the British Invasion. It was also the time that brought singers from the United Kingdom to the United States. They not only brought there music but also a whole new set of fashion. The Beatles were in the forefront of this new fashion. The business suit changed because of the Beatles. Instead of being so conservative the business suit became a suit that was tailored to fit. Later they brought colorful turtlenecks to the fashion scene also.

Colors and Prints for Men

At the same time feminine details arose in the world of men's fashion. Men started wearing their hair longer. They also started wearing more colors; Bright colors; Colors that only women would have worn before this time. They also started wearing wide belts and velvet pants.  Jewelry fashion for men went through a big change also. Designers begin making jewelry that was meant for men. All of these changes brought freedom into fashion that men all over the world embraced.

Essential Pieces

No fashion era would be complete without essential pieces. There are essential pieces that came in and left a mark everywhere in the fashion world. The following are some essential pieces of the 60's that represent the era’s unique style. Nehru Collarsmandarin style Nehru collars appeared on both shirts and jackets. The upright, mandarin-style collar was first popular in India before moving onto the west. These became popular when the Beatles and the Monkees were them along with their clean look.

Tie Dye

Tie-dye which we have all seen come and go during our lives first became popular in the later 1960's. It was during the hippie movement. What most people do not know is that tie dye tees were a representative of protest against the Vietnam War. Tie dyes were very popular among the younger people.

Bell Bottoms

60s style Bell Bottoms are another item that has came in and out of style several times. The early 1960's had everyone wearing slim straight legs but the later years of the sixties had the bell bottom flaring out more and more. They were most popular during the hippie period. Mod Styles Mod styles are probably the most essential and influential item of the 1960's. A mod style is a tailored made suit; Clean and form fitting. These mod styles clothing are still as popular today.

Shopping for the Look

If you have always liked the fashion that came out of the 1960's then there are stores around that carry these kinds of items for you. They are called retro clothing boutiques. Of course you can ask your grandfather or your father if they have any of these clothes laying around in the attics but you can find exactly what you are looking for in these shops. Places like the ‘Rusty Zipper’ have everything from the mod suits to bell bottoms. The look of the 1960's fashion world is elegant and stylish. It is a style that was popular then and still is today. It is a clean look that will turn heads every where you go. Photo Sources: (1) (2) (3)