Fashion Tips For Short Men

Fashion Tips It is hard enough to dress so that you are in fashion, being short can make these even harder. Now you not only have to dress for success but you also have to make sure that it will make your shorter frame look great. In this article we will give you some fashion tips for short men that will make you a successful dresser.

Are You Really Short or Just Average?

The average height of a male in America is 5'9 to 5'10. If you are shorter then this by a few inches then you can consider yourself short. Height does not have to be a factor in dressing well. If you wear the right clothes and carry yourself well it can make you look taller then you are. The Basics of Dressing for Short Men There are some fashions tricks right at your home then can make you look taller then you really are. The first mistake you will make is buying clothes and wearing them right away. The hemline on your trousers is important to pay attention to.


If you put on a pair of trousers and they drag on the ground it will not only ruin the bottom of your trousers it also will make you look to short for your clothes. So if your trousers are dragging on the ground then they need to be hemmed. You will amazed at the change of the look in these trousers once they are hemmed. Any trousers that you buy should be tailored. This way your trousers will look like they were made just for you.


The next essential item to your outfit is the shirt. The first thing that you should do is look at the length of all of your shirts from your work shirts, tee shirts and even jackets. If you are short and trim then you need an athletic cut. A good rule of thumb is your shirts should come down to your crotch when they are not tucked in. This will assure that the shirt will fit correctly when it is tucked in your trousers. If you want shirts that will not be tucked in then buy them just a little shorter and it will make your legs look like they are longer. This of course will make you look taller then what you are.


When you need to wear a jacket or winter coat over your clothes do not wear oversized outerwear.  This will only show how short that you are. Instead wear outerwear like a pea-coat or an asymmetrical zip jacket. These should be jackets that just reach the hip to look the best. Never wear a full-length coat it will definitely show just how short that you are. Never wear a jacket that comes below the mid thigh.

Quick Fashion Tips for Short Men

There are a few ways that can make you look taller in a quick way. Here are a few tips to follow.
  • If you want to look taller then wear your trousers below the waistline. Just a little below the waistline can make a big difference in your appearance.
  • Wearing a shirt that has a V neck will make you look taller then you are.
  • Dress in different shades of the same color. If you are wearing khakis then wear a tan shirt in a different shade. This will help make you look taller.
  • Never allow your socks to show. This will make you look short.
  • Do not wear clothes that are to big on you. All this does is bring attention to your shorter frame.
  • Take these fashion tips as what they are. Tips. Use them only as a guideline to help you.
  • Look for tips for the heavier man they can help you also.
  • No matter what you are wearing look confident. If you feel taller you will look taller.
Start with a few basic pieces that work for you and go from there. Build on these pieces and you will soon have a wardrobe that works for you and gives you the taller appearance that you are looking for. Photo Sources: (1)