Co-ordinate your party look

If you're taking a date to a formal New Year's Eve party this year, a bit of colour co-ordination could be the perfect way to subtly show off your union.

Matching your tie to her dress is a simple gesture that shows you acknowledge and admire the style of the lady in your life - but it may be hard to find the perfect colour to match her unique frock in local stores.

This is where ordering a custom tie can be a useful solution - although it does require a bit of forward planning.

Whether you are after an eye-catching designer number, a bright bow tie or an on-trend skinny tie, there is something for everyone - just make sure you leave enough time to place your order before the big day.

Of course, it also requires your date to be party-ready in advance - but chances are, she has had her New Year's Eve outfit planned for months! All you need to do is ask about colours - and find something complementary.

You'll be able to find an extensive range of unique ties from a variety of designers online and, given enough notice, you'll be party ready when the clock strikes midnight!