Shopping online 'has the convenience factor'

Australia is becoming a nation of online shoppers, with a recent ecommerce survey from PayPal, eBay and Australia Post anticipating the country's biggest-ever online shopping day will take place during this year's run-up to Christmas.

In fact, the three firms - which describe themselves as "e-commerce enablers" - anticipate that Australia's total online spend for 2011 will reach $30 billion.

And it seems that men in particular are keen to click around for the best deals.

One TV news presenter has asserted that shopping for men's clothing online is considerably less hassle than browsing through the options at local shopping centres - and turning to the web can also be easier on the wallet.

Speaking to the Sydney Morning Herald, Craig Allen asserted that online shopping's main appeal lies in its "convenience".

He said: "Without too much trouble, I can find good brands at half the retail price, or cheaper, by shopping around online."

Whether you are after unique men's ties for work or even custom-made accessories like a scarf in your company's colours or a pair of quirky cufflinks, there are plenty of great deals to be found on the web.