Thought and creativity with corporate gifts

Corporate gifts need to be creative, thoughtful and useful - especially during the holiday season, according to one Canadian company president.

Speaking to the Globe and Mail, Mark Graham of Toronto-based Rightsleeve said corporate gifts are a great way to promote your brand - and at the same time, thank clients and partners for a successful year.

For the 2011 Christmas season, his firm gifted a custom-woven scarf - complete with company logo - to clients, making personal deliveries when possible.

Another great way to say thank you to clients, colleagues and partners for a year's worth of work well done is to throw a holiday party - and ensure you have corporate gifts available as party favours for those who have taken time out of their day to attend your event.

All year round, it is easy to design and order customised gifts online - and whether you just need a few personalised items or a large volume of custom merchandise, you'll be able to make arrangements that suit you.

From unique ties and scarves to cufflinks for all occasions, corporate gifts are a great way to spread the word about your company and say thank you at key times of the year.