'Make a style effort' this Christmas

British GQ deputy editor Bill Prince has urged men not to forgo style over the holiday season, suggesting that dressing well honours your hosts over the Christmas break - and keeps you looking great at festive parties and get-togethers in December and January.

Speaking to the Financial Times, he encouraged men not to fall into the trap of going to casual over the holidays, especially when they are out and about at events and parties.

"Making an effort with your clothes suggests you are going to make an effort to get on with everyone and it’s a compliment to anyone you go and visit," he said.

While Prince's winterwear suggestions of corduroy trousers or grey flannel pants and a thick sweater might not be applicable to our summer holidays in the southern hemisphere, when it comes to making a stylish effort, there are plenty of fashionable ways for Australian men to ring in the festive season.

Pairing a unique tie with a crisp white shirt is a great look for the office party, while a casual, well-thought-out ensemble might be better suited to the family barbeque on Christmas Day.