Embrace a "sense of fun" this Christmas

Holiday style should be a little bit whimsical - and men shouldn't worry about shying away from a stereotypical reindeer or snowman sweater on the big day, according to one design director.

In an interview with the UK's Financial Times, Alistair Carr of Pringle asserted that men's style should embody a "sense of fun" during the festive season - and if that means wearing a novelty sweater, so be it.

"Put on that jumper your granny has spent months knitting you," he said.

"The smile on her face will be worth the years of embarrassing photographs."

Of course, our Aussie Christmases tend to be the beaches and barbeques variety, but there's no reason why you can't inject a bit of festive fun into your holiday wardrobe.

A unique tie in a holiday pattern can be a great way to show your Christmas spirit without overwhelming your overall look - or having to sweat through the day in a knitted reindeer sweater.

And if you prefer to make a holiday statement that is a little bit more subtle, why not try custom cufflinks on for size? Ordering a pair in festive red and green or even a Christmas shape - trees and bells spring to mind - can be a quiet way to jazz up an outfit for the holiday season.