Add a personal touch to corporate gifts

If you are giving a corporate gift this holiday season, one etiquette expert recommends taking a personal approach.

Speaking to the Vancouver Sun, etiquette trainer Carey McBeth noted that there are a number of simple things you can do to make your corporate gift stand out.

For example, she suggested that personalising your gift allows you to showcase your flair for the creative - so long as this is done tastefully.

This customisation can even be extended to the presentation of your gift - using company branded wrapping paper or ribbon, for example, could be a quick way of ensuring your organisation's name stays on people's minds.

When you can, McBeth recommends presenting the gift in person- and with a handwritten note, which offers a nice personal touch.

When it comes to the gift itself, you might want to consider a unique tie or set of cufflinks featuring the name, logo or colours of your organisation.

Not only is this a professional and practical way to spread the word about your brand, but quality, customised gifts ensure your company is memorable - and may bring clients or contacts back as return customers in 2012.