Style icons combine fashion, taste and personality

True style icons have an inexplicable mix of good taste, excellent presence and originality that can withstand the test of time, one writer has asserted.

The Sydney Morning Herald's Luke Malone notes that classic go-to style icons include Frank Sinatra and James Dean, but modern inspiration can also be found from the likes of George Clooney and Johnny Depp, who are beginning to evolve into icons in their own right.

A new year is the perfect opportunity to re-examine your own sartorial successes and failures over the past 12 months - and possible make some wardrobe changes as part of your annual resolutions.

Begin by clearing out the items you either don't like or no longer wear - a good rule of thumb is that clothing should be given away, donated or binned if you haven't worn in it in the past three to six months.

Next, it's time to create a new and simple wardrobe, which can be enhanced with careful accessories. Executive ties can turn a plain white shirt from boring to business, while custom cufflinks can add a bit of whimsy and personality to any work outfit.