Top tips for corporate networking

When it comes to corporate networking at tradeshows and industry conferences, you'll want to make sure you are prepared well in advance.

Corporate networking events are great places to make valuable contacts in your industry, but with so many people competing for the attention of prospective clients, associates and customers, planning ahead is your best chance to make a good impression.

A few weeks before your event, you'll want to start with the basics - your marketing materials. Now is the time to update your conference stand, have new business cards printed and ensure you have enough leaflets and brochures for everyone who visits your booth.

This is also a wise time to start thinking about corporate gifts - you might want to order customised money clips or mugs to give away at the event and keep your business' name on people's minds.

Customised items can even be taken a step further - for example, you might want to incorporate your company logo or colours into your outfit in some way.

This can easily be done with well-chosen accessories - an executive tie in your company colours or custom cufflinks featuring your corporate logo both send a powerful marketing message without saying a word.