Make an impression at your next client meeting

When it comes to maintaining good business relationships, you'll want to meet regularly with your clients, suppliers and contractors.

These meetings can be an excellent opportunity for you to build better connections, arrange new deals or come up with creative solutions to common problems.

When you meet with clients and contacts, one important consideration is how you present yourself.

After all, the way you dress and style yourself is a reflection of your entire company - and with this in mind, you may want to plan your outfit accordingly.

For example, you might want to sport a work tie in your company colours. This sends a subtle message that you are confident and proud of the work you do - and may encourage your contacts to be more open-minded about new ventures or a different way of working.

Corporate gifts are also an excellent way to send a strong and professional message, particularly during the holiday season and at the start of a new year.

Personalised items that can be used throughout the year by the recipient will remind them of your firm whenever they look at them - and this could encourage them to do business with your firm again in the future.