Large watches 'make a statement'

A personalised gift such as a sports watch is a great way to make a statement, one auto-body repair shop owner has asserted.

Speaking to the New York Times, Steve Baktidy explained that his collection of watches - he has 35 in total - is a great way to attract attention.

When it comes to watches, Baktidy notes that the trend is to get "bigger and bigger".

With large watches setting trends across the Pacific, it makes sense that Aussie businesses would turn to bigger timepieces when it comes to corporate gifts.

A watch is a great way to recognise a person's years of dedicated service in any industry - and can be personalised in a number of ways.

For example, a timepiece given as a corporate gift could have the individual's name and years of service inscribed on it, or may feature the logo or colours of your company as a reminder of their commitment to your organisation.

You might even want to go one step further and arrange for personalised packaging - this adds a classy, individualised touch.