Men's style: Bring out your inner James Bond

When it comes to looking great in a suit, nobody does it quite like James Bond - and if you are planning to go 007 at your next formal event, there are a few tips you should keep in mind.

The first step is to pay attention to your grooming. A slick suit brings out the best in every man - and you can ensure you are giving the impression you want by keeping your hair neat and your face and nails groomed.

Next, you will want to ensure attention is paid to even the smallest details.

Are your shoes shined and is your executive tie straight? Have you taken a moment to ensure your shirt collar is crisp and pressed? These little things can take your look from average to agent in a matter of minutes.

Finally, you might want to follow the rules suggested by JJ Lee in the Vancouver Sun - he suggests that opting for a midnight blue jacket might be an even better choice than black.

Lee also notes that for a standout look, you might want to forgo the regular tie for a bow tie - taking inspiration from 007 and tying it by hand, of course.