First impressions count when on the job hunt

Have you ever heard the old saying that you should dress for the job you want, rather than the job you have?

Your clothes can say a lot about you - and good common sense suggests that clean, sharp, pressed outfits go a long way in the workplace - but are you also taking care with your accessories?

Sometimes, it's the little details that matter most - for example, polished shoes add an air of sophistication and finish to a suit that scuffed shoes just can't muster.

If you are looking at trading up, career-wise, re-evaluating your wardrobe and accessories can be a small and easy - but important - first step.

You might want to start by ensuring your ties send the right message - executive ties should complement the rest of your outfit.

If you are preparing for a big interview, you might even want to go one step further and send a subtle message by sporting a tie in similar colours to those used in the company's logo - when done successfully, this may suggest an image of loyalty.

Custom cufflinks in a unique shape, style or colour scheme can also be a tasteful way to break the ice during the interview stage - and could reveal otherwise unseen aspects of your personality to create a more complete first impression.