New to interviewing? Send the right message

If you've recently been promoted to a position where you recruit and interview new talent for your organisation, you'll want to ensure you send the right message about your company.

While you'll find plenty of articles about what job candidates should expect from the interview, it is also important to remember that the person carrying out the recruitment process should follow some important style tips.

One of the primary roles of the interviewer is to ensure that the candidate has a comprehensive understanding of your company - this includes everything from your mission and values to your corporate dress code.

This is a great opportunity for the interviewer - on behalf of the entire organisation - to make a great first impression.

Taking care with your clothes selection can be an excellent way to convey a message of professionalism and respect - a clean, pressed shirt, neat trousers and executive tie can make a powerful statement before you say a single word.

Of course, you'll also want to be prepared for the interview itself - make sure you have practiced your questions and reviewed the candidates' CVs ahead of time to create an excellent impression on the candidates.