Corporate gifts for conference season

When the summer holidays begin to draw to a close, thoughts begin to turn again to new opportunities - particularly when it comes to corporate networking.

The summer and autumn months represent the perfect time to make new contacts and build your client base, particularly at industry conferences.

If you are planning to head out on the conference circuit this year, you would do well to prepare in advance.

This preparation should include everything from ensuring you have ordered the marketing materials you need ahead of time to planning corporate gifts to present to key clients and sponsors - or maybe even to offer as a prize at your conference stand.

Corporate gifts can include everything from personalised mugs - filling these with candy is sometimes a nice extra touch - to custom cufflinks, scarves or money clips featuring your company logo.

Of course, you'll also want to rehearse your sales pitch - whether you are selling your own skills or networking on behalf of your company, you'll want to ensure this is clear and concise so you make the best possible impression.