Young men choosing a 'more traditional look' in 2012

Younger men are looking to the older generation for style inspiration, particularly when it comes to quality tailoring, one Savile Row insider has asserted.

Speaking to London's City AM, Johnny Allen of H Huntsman pointed out that while in the past, younger men have been more keen to take fashion risks, this year will see the return of a classic look.

He explained: "The cut is more traditional, as was the trend before Armani introduced longer jackets."

Allen added: "We've also seen a big demand for double breasted suits amongst our younger clients, where normally this has been the reserve of older ones."

However, traditional doesn't need to be bland or boring - why not put a new twist on a classic look with a colourful work tie?

Allen highlighted that glen checks are a popular pattern choice as we move into a new year - and there is no reason why you can't give your look a bit of an update with an unexpected pop of colour or a stand-out pattern.

Small changes - like updating your accessories - can be a great way for you to give a nod to the latest trends without breaking the bank or splurging on a whole new outfit.