Traditional PR with a business gift package

If you run your own small business or work as a freelancer in an industry where word of mouth can be king, sometimes it can be challenging to get your name out there for people to understand exactly what you do.

Whether you provide a service such as accounting or consulting - or sell products to individual consumers and other enterprises - it is essential that when the time comes prospective clients will think of you and not your opposition.

In this age of technology some marketing strategies have become a given for corporate success - a functional website and social media presence for example - but there remains a place for the small touches that help you stand out as an individual in an increasingly flooded marketplace.

Older generations in particular are likely to appreciate a more traditional approach to public relations such as personalised cufflinks or branded ties that clearly yet tastefully display your initials or corporate logo.

Should a new business contact happen to compliment you on your style and enquire about your quality cuffs and sophisticated tie, you could make a great impression by handing over a business gift package they can take with them.