Represent your brand in a tailored tie at industry events

Whatever industry you happen to be involved with, if your job requires you to make public appearances or engage with prospective clients face to face then it is crucial that you look the part every time you step outside.

The way you dress is not entirely about fashion and style. While it certainly helps for you to feel confident in what you wear, in the business world it is equally important that your outfit presents an image of reliability, enthusiasm and forward-thinking.

You want to create look of success and motivation - not a lack of preparation or care - so that industry contacts respect you and gain the sense that your work ethic is reflected in your appearance.

The second half of summer and the beginning stages of autumn represent conference season in Australia and for many small enterprises or self-run businesses this is an opportunity to spread the word about the products or services they provide.

To this end it makes no difference whether your brand is already highly successful or just starting out - impression is everything and you should never assume that the clothes you wear go unnoticed.

Tailored ties provide an element of sophistication to your overall look, making them the perfect accessory for you to rely on at industry events.