Show your appreciation to club members with personalised gifts

If you are responsible for a sporting team, theatre group or any other collection of people working towards a common goal, then you probably appreciate the effort individuals put in each and every training session or rehearsal.

Unlike professional athletes or performers, regular Australians give up their own time for no financial gain to be part of something special. They appreciate the camaraderie, teamwork and thrill of gradual improvement.

As a coach or mentor you understand better than most that a little bit of acknowledgement can go a long way, which is why it can be nice to show your appreciation to the squad with personalised gifts.

One great idea might be to purchase a quality tie, scarf or set of cufflinks for each member of the group, with the club emblem and possibly the individual's initials for an extra touch.

The gift packages could be presented at the beginning of a new campaign as a welcome present, or after the final performance at an awards night or celebration dinner.

Your team will appreciate the gesture and it is an excellent way to ensure that everyone feels like a valued member.