Businesses look to ties as a way to boost corporate image

Executive ties have always had an important role to play in presenting a desirable corporate image, but it appears that the case for formal business attire has grown even stronger in recent times.

With many brands under pressure due to the GFC, some experts believe that employers are looking to a more sophisticated staff dress code as a way of setting themselves apart from the competition.

According to NSW Business Chamber chief executive Stephen Cartwright, firms recognise that a professional appearance can make all the difference and many are implementing company policies for senior workers or anyone with public contact to wear a tie.

"Corporate attire is really a horses for courses situation - however, it's fair to say with the economy under the microscope the course has changed over the past year," Cartwright told The Daily Telegraph today (January 23).

"Businesses and individuals are understanding the importance of a professional appearance and how vital those impressions are."

One way managers might be able to encourage staff to embrace this new direction is to supply individuals with a set of branded ties as corporate gifts.

With workers not forced to purchase their own pieces it could potentially lead to more positive outcomes for all concerned.