Tie boxes keep your diverse collection crisp and accessible

As any fashion-conscious corporate achiever will know, it is impossible to rely on just one just one or two work ties to get you through a busy week of meetings and presentations.

Part of a strong professional image is about knowing what colours, patterns and styles go together - there is no point owning a bold designer tie if you are never really sure which shirt and suit to match it with.

It is also important to avoid becoming overly reliant on your favourite piece when an alternative might better fit with the rest of your outfit.

People at the office will start to notice your lack of variety and if you meet with the same clients on a regular basis it is even more essential to have a diverse selection at your disposal.

Once you have gathered a satisfactory collection of quality ties you will need a place to store them - and stuffing the whole lot into your top drawer is certainly not the answer.

A tie box with individual square compartments can hold up to 24 unique ties in a neat, visible and easily accessible display so you can make a quick comparison as you dress.

By keeping one box at home and another at the office you will never be caught short for an unexpected occasion.