Rewarding the employee of the month with a gift package

Good managers are always looking for new ways to show their appreciation to staff and reward loyalty and hard work.

In many companies this forward-thinking attitude will manifest itself in concepts such as bonuses for reaching sales targets or employee of the month awards.

Although they might sound like relatively small gestures, these ideas can go a long way to boosting employee enthusiasm and creating an atmosphere of goodwill around the office.

If you have decided to present corporate gifts to January's best employee or a department that has excelled in recent times, why not provide something practical and long-lasting rather than just a box of chocolates or cheap bottle of wine?

For men you could offer a package filled with a designer tie, set of cufflinks and a money clip, while female employees might appreciate a quality scarf or pen set.

As a business manager this is an opportunity for you to do something a little bit different and make a great impression on all levels of the enterprise.

Once your business gift packages become ingrained in the company culture, monthly award presentations might generate genuine excitement that can only have an uplifting effect on the vibe of the office.