Enjoying live performances in your best suit and unique tie

There is often no better evening out than a trip to the theatre or a few hours listening to one of your favourite voices perform live on stage.

Every year Australia plays host to some of the world's great artists from all genres, especially in the capital cities where first-class venues such as the Sydney Opera House, Melbourne's Crown Casino and the Brisbane Entertainment Centre attract sell-out crowds.

Prime examples are the Tony Bennett concerts to be held at the Opera House Concert Hall Monday April 9 and Wednesday April 11, with the jazz and pop veteran sure to delight audiences with his smooth tones and old-school charm.

But there is so much more to events such as this than just taking your seat, enjoying the show and heading home afterwards.

It is an opportunity to dress to impress, with more formal attire than you might normally wear on the weekend becoming not only appropriate, but highly encouraged.

Put on a crisp shirt, tailored trousers and jacket, and a quality unique tie - you can be confident that Tony Bennett will suit up for the occasion - and take a friend or date out for a special evening looking your absolute best.