Ties feature prominently in GQ best-dressed men list

GQ magazine has nominated the 50 best-dressed men in Britain for 2012 - and it is no surprise to see plenty of celebrities on the list known to favour a quality tie.

From contemporary business ties and trendy skinny versions to bold bowties, the list was filled with fashion-conscious men from the worlds of film, music, sport, politics and more.

The top prize went to English rapper Tinie Tempah - often seen publicly suited up and sporting a black bowtie - while other notable high achievers included Doctor Who star Matt Smith and The Social Network's Andrew Garfield in the top five.

Both Smith and Garfield make red carpet appearances in classic single-tone tailored ties, combined superbly with a crisp white or pale blue shirt and striking modern suit in a slim fit.

GQ said of the list that appears in its February issue released Thursday: "It reflects the enormous variety of different styles that make up the quintessential British look - from the sharpest Savile Row suits to the hippest hip-hop swagger.

"That is why the world still looks to these islands for inspiration - and even an education in what to wear."

But while sartorial 'variety' might indeed be a feature of the top 50, a glance at the top ten reveals that without the ability to look good in a tie a man might struggle to figure prominently in the future.