Well-dressed staff might boost your business image

you a business owner or manager looking to find an edge over the competition?

Along with your repeat business, word of mouth, promotional materials and online marketing strategies, it might well be a good idea to consider alternative avenues that can also make a difference to how your brand is perceived.

One idea might be to use the appearance of your staff to make a professional impression that reflects positively on the company and its level of service.

This could be particularly beneficial for a bricks and mortar retail store or growing chain, where customers will gradually begin to identify with a specific work outfit, colour scheme or logo.

Rather than a situation where employees simply wear a dark pair of trousers or skirt with a collared shirt of their choice - often making the staff indistinguishable from the customers - why not create an ensemble that is both presentable and promotional?

A corporate gifts package including quality ties and scarves - that display the brand name or logo - will be appreciated by your workers, especially given that many people find choosing what to wear to work a difficult process every morning.