Back-to-school tie shopping for teachers

It is back-to-school week right across Australia and while kids lament the end of the summer holidays and parents fret about uniforms, stationery and packed lunches, it is also a big change of pace for thousands of teachers.

After a few months of spending extra quality time with family or enjoying an overseas trip, in late January and early February you have to switch back to work mode and prepare your first few weeks of lessons.

While it might take a small period of adjustment before you get right back into the swing of things, why not take the opportunity to start the new year off with an upgraded image and some quality additions to your work wardrobe?

Walk into the staffroom and receive instant approval of your business shirt and complementary unique tie - the school principal and your colleagues will be impressed, while students will know straight away that you are there to start teaching.

And since you are already in a shopping mode it might be a good idea to also add some new business socks, a belt and decent pens to the list.