A bolder look for the contemporary corporate

As you walk around the city streets during business hours this season you may notice more stripes and checks than ever before.

And while it may seem like this trend popped up out of nowhere, the reality is that businesspeople have been looking to diversify their corporate attire with increased colour and pattern for a while now.

Gone are the days where only a white or blue shirt was appropriate to wear to a job interview and ties were expected to be plain and simple.

The contemporary office worker is just as likely to attend a meeting or deliver a presentation in a shirt with striped shades of purple and a vibrant tie as they are to bring out a traditional suit.

Colour combinations and pattern-on-pattern layering is perfectly acceptable in almost all settings - a fact fashion-conscious individuals are usually keen to take advantage of.

So next time you go online shopping for a whole new corporate ensemble, remember to do your research and consider that stripes, checks and interesting tones can actually help you stand out from the crowd.