Create a brand new set of 'vintage' style ties

For a while now all things 'retro' have become rather fashionable, with style-conscious individuals turning to a variety of interesting pieces to add a unique edge to their look.

With sartorial favourites from the past - such as nude stockings made famous by the Duchess of Cambridge and pointed shoes for men - coming full circle back to popularity, it has opened up a whole new world for shoppers to explore.

The trend even extends to business wear, with corporate types shaking up their wardrobes by mixing contemporary designs with existing pieces to create a more traditional feel to their suits, shirts and ties.

And while for some this fashion movement provides a chance to pick up some bargain buys at op-shops or second hand stores - with the intention of working the items into their existing ensembles - other people prefer to manufacture a retro appearance rather than buy the real thing.

Understandably, wearing somebody else's old tie might not be a very appealing proposition.

The simple solution is to think about what your ideal new piece would look like if you gave it a vintage twist by way of patterns or prints from a past era.

You can then take this vision and have a set of unique tailored ties created for you - a sure way to stand out at the office for all the right reasons.