Tie-clad British sailor stands on keel of moving yacht

If ever more proof was required that wearing a suit and tie was the key to making an impression in almost any circumstances - no matter how unique or bizarre - British solo sailor Alex Thomson has pulled off the dangerous 'keel walk' for the second time in his best business attire.

Footage is currently circulating the web of Thomson standing proudly on the exposed keel of his yacht Hugo Boss as it sails deliberately on its side along the Solent in Britain.

A trustworthy skipper played a huge role in the stunt, while a steady jet-ski driver allowed Thomson to jump 'on board'.

Thomson performed the dangerous stunt in 2009 but critics often suggested the image had been digitally altered, leading the round-the-world adventurer to film his latest high-risk effort.

As immediately striking as the overall image itself is Thomson's apparent calm as he adjusts his necktie while standing perfectly upright - then leaps into the water.

If you are planning to release a video of yourself achieving something weird or wonderful, why not have a unique tie specifically tailored for the event in order to really stand out?

As a publicity stunt it might even be a good idea to have you name, initials or brand worked into the design for the world to see.