Impress your Valentine by wearing a tailored tie to dinner

Have you planned something special to impress your partner for Valentine's Day next week?

While a reservation at one of the city's finest restaurants, harbour cruise, visit to the theatre or even a romantic home-cooked candlelight dinner organised well in advance, it can be easy to forget the smaller things that might make all the difference.

To turn the evening from pleasant to perfect, perhaps you should also consider dressing up for the occasion and wowing your loved one with your grand entrance.

Tell the special partner in your life to wear their favourite outfit then arrive to meet them looking your absolute best in a custom suit, elegant tailored tie and a set of personalised silver cufflinks that dazzle.

It is a move sure to be appreciated, especially if you are not usually known for your sartorial style.

To cap off the memorable gesture, why not wait until just after dessert to present a Valentine's gift such as a silk satin scarf with a unique print.

There is no better time of year to bring out your romantic side, so don't let the opportunity pass you by.