NRL cufflinks for a passionate supporter

The 2012 NRL season is just around the corner and if you are trying to think of a birthday gift for a footy fanatic friend, you might do well to find something that pays tribute to his or her favourite team.

Tacky posters and cheap supporter footballs might be an adequate present for a kid, but when you are giving to an adult a more sophisticated present is generally in order.

Fortunately a sports fan is one of the easiest people to buy for - all you have to do is find the right balance so that even though it features a football motif the item can still fit a corporate setting.

Perhaps the perfect option is a set of specially-designed silver NRL cufflinks with the full colour team logo stylishly worked into the design.

Your friend, partner or family member is bound to be impressed by the thoughtful gesture and you can bet the cufflinks will become a staple accessory whenever they put on their best business shirt.

For genuine rugby league fanatics these personalised gifts truly represent an opportunity to wear their heart on their sleeves.