Is there a link between neckties and business sentiment?

It is commonly assumed that what you decide to wear in the morning in some way reflects your mood, but now one Canadian expert says this theory can be extended to the point that businessmen's choice of necktie offers an insight into wider economic sentiment.

With the ongoing uncertainty surrounding global finances, Outlooks for Men owner Dale Olsen says the colours, patterns and overall style of popular ties changes quickly to adapt to the economy.

"When times are tough, ties very quickly get very quiet. They are subdued - they are not wild and not loud," Olsen told Times Colonist on Monday (February 6).

The fashion and image expert added that with the corporate vibe generally one of caution at present, tie selections appear to be narrower and in more subdued tones.

If you like the idea of stepping outside the house with a look appropriate to the mood of the city at the time - positive, negative or neutral - then tailored ties are the way to go.

You can design a piece to fit your own specifications and have it created for you to be sure that you will get exactly what you want.

And if you are tempted to defy a pessimistic trend with your happiness, why not leap outside the box and find yourself a vibrant, eye-catching tie that brightens up the streets?