Mix and match your shirts and ties with flair

When it comes to choosing a shirt and tie combination it doesn't matter what type of man you are or what you hope for the look to achieve, there will always be plenty of options to suit the occasion.

Selecting the right casual or business tie for the moment is not so much about memorising recommended colour combinations or styles on trend, as it is about possessing a broad understanding of things that work and ideas that should definitely be kept locked in a dark cupboard.

Esquire's The Style Blog released its Ultimate Guide to Shirt and Tie Combos yesterday (February 9) and while there were a few surprising suggestions, the most notable aspect of the comprehensive feature was just how many different approaches the fashion authority approved of.

With tips such as placing a Gingham Tie with big squares on a solid white shirt, angled bars to contrast with fine vertical stripes, or a bold, brash one-tone tie over Bengal stripes for a more modern twist, it seems that there is almost no limit to what you can get away with as long as you apply common sense and pick your audience wisely.