Trends to be revealed at New York Fashion Week

New York Fashion Week got underway in the US yesterday (February 9), with all eyes of the fashion world set to fall on the renowned event, which is capable of kick-starting new trends all on its own.

It will be eight days of glamour, catwalks, after parties and much sartorial discussion - and a number of experts have already begun weighing in with their opinions on all things fashion week.

While nobody can ever be sure of exactly what will make the biggest mark each season, it appears that onlookers are predicting this show to feature plenty of 1920s-inspired styles due to successful movie releases such as The Artist and the anticipation surrounding The Great Gatsbs
When it comes to colour, Neiman Marcus fashion director Ken Downing was yesterday willing to nominate a specific tone that he believes will make prominent appearances in New York over the following week.

"Navy will be the neutral of the season," Downing told Reuters, meaning we could begin to notice a lot of the dark blue shade in place of traditional black in many outfits.

If this trend makes it all the way to tie racks around Australia then you might want to consider adding a quality navy business tie to your collection.

One major advantage of a single-toned tie in such a solid colour is that it is easier to combine with a wider variety of checked, striped and plain shirts.